Welcome @GoodMoodFood!


GoodMoodFood - that means all my homemade vegan yummy dairy-alternatives, based on fresh, really raw, organic, fairtrade Cashews and without any unnecessary ingredients.

You can learn more about the quality, cultivation and post-harvest-treatment of those Cashews HERE.

And HERE you find an overview and product-specific details regarding all the delicacies I create from them.



Due to almost no resonance during almost all markets this year, I decided to stop offering my products there. 
=> From now I only produce after having received an order in advance. You can tell me about your desires here via my onlineshop or talk to me in person.

Thank you for your understanding. 


Tomorrow, Saturday you're going to find me at Sao Martinho das Amoreiras Market and on Saturday at Azula Market (between Lameiros and Aldeia do Cano). As usual with possibility to taste my products (Kefir, Joghurt). This weekend is the very last chance to taste and buy these delicacies before mid of October.


At the moment only pickup is possible as my (portuguese) car is broken and will still need some time to get fixed. I keep you updated here.

If someone knows a good mechanic around Vale Ferro, please let me know. Because towing the car to a workshop isn't possible at the moment as the insurance just expired few days ago and for renewal they want me to go to the technical inspection first as the actual one isn't valid long enough for them anymore. And at the moment I simply can't afford paying a tow service from my own pocket, so this problem needs to be fixed here in my village. (the cooling liquid system suddenly leaks a lot, incl the day before it didn't loose any liquids at all)


Sorry dears for the long quiet time here. My supplier has had big problems with the delivery of my last cashew order. Because of that I meanwhile ran out of Cashews and I never ever want to use those from the supermarkets at all.
And not long after the moment when the delivery of the last order finally took place, my cat was shot into his leg, causing a complicated fracture and  so he needed to go to the vet hospital as this wasn't treatable without a surgery. That situation ate up almost all my time, energy and money ressources. But meanwhile he's finally back home again and gets better step by step every day.  
So from now I can finally produce my Cashew delicacies again for you.
Few of them changed a little bit in their ingredients list, but they're always getting better than before. 


As soon as the temperatures are not as icy as this week anymore, I'm considering to build up a table at the weekly bio-market in Milfontes (each sunday). I'm going to announce the exact place and date here as soon as I know more myself.


The below mentioned onlineshop is now finally up and running, yeah!

The path to achieve this big milestone was really rich in trials & errors,  few software-bugs, and asking in total a lot of patience and endurance. But now I know much better how to handle the Drupal commerce module in a purposeful manner. :-) 

The shop isn't yet entirely perfect in every detail, but from now you can place your orders much more easily than up to now via the contact form. That's why I'd say it's still in so called Beta-testing state at the moment. So please feel free to give this new SHOP a first try - and then I'm very happy if you let me know your feedback and improvement ideas.



Right now I'm integrating a Webshop software to it to make the order process easier for everyone. I still keep it behind the scenes until it works how it should - in order not to confuse anyone meanwhile. I let you know here as soon as I reached this milestone what however seems to be not soo trivial. 

The next project afterwards is to integrate a little blog here with articles about different fermentation topics, incl. reports about the experiments I did.
And besides that I'm going to create a Partner-Network-Page with short descriptions and links to their webpages, too.