Privacy policy

This website uses no tracking cookies at all. Just the technically essential ones (for you to send me messages using the contact/order form, for me to login to my admin account here). 
I'm neither using nor analyzing any of the server logs, on whose contents I don't have any influence as this website runs on a so called shared webhosting server. Because of that I do have a valid contract for the processing of personal data with my webhoster (who's based in Germany) that meets the GDPR (=General Data Protection Regulation).  

The messages you send me via the contact/order form, are stored in my mailbox on the same server like this website. To read them on my PC I use Mozilla Thunderbird. If you sent me an order, I just copy the essential info (products and order amounts, your name, when and where we meet) into a Libreoffice spreadsheet to keep an easier overview while processing your order.  This file is stored exclusively on my computer and a backup of it via usb on my external harddrive.  My PC runs only Linux, so your data is protected from spying eyes of Microsoft and Apple, too. 

After your order is fullfilled, I mark it as such in my Libreoffice file and then delete your mail as well on my PC and the mailserver and from the Libreoffice file just your name and contact. With this anonymized datasets I just use for some simple statistics like which products where sold how often in what area, calculating average gains etc (all just for my private use. I'm not forwarding any data to thirdparties at all). 

In every not yet above mentioned aspect I follow the rules of the GDPR. 

If there shall be any questions left left, feel free to send me a message via the contact formular. I'm going to add it together with its answer here asap then.