The history behind GoodMoodFood

I'm experimenting with fermenting food already since 2007. Always driven by my curiosity and being in love with tasty and healthy selfmade food (additionally creating them myself often leads to lower costs and higher quality compared to the available ones from the shops, too - but that was just a nice side-effect). 

In the first years  of my fermentation journey I still ate dairy, gluten and sugar.  Since 2015 I avoid eating them all because I found out that my body reacts allergic to animals milk protein (even in raw dairy) and that I feel better without gluten and sugar, too. So I began to look for vegan and gluten- & sugarfree alternatives to dairy and plant milk from the supermarkets. 

My fermenting experience includes creating dairy yoghurt; sourdough; waterkefir and milk kefir; kombucha; sourkraut and other salty fermented veggies; natto; tempeh; vinegar.

Then I stumbled upon a Coconut kefir in September '22 and proceeded from there experimenting with Cashew kefir, Cashew-yoghurt, Cashew-quark, and at the moment I'm trying to create fermented cream cheese made from Cashews. 

In October 2022 friends and neighbours encouraged me to offer my delicacies for sale, too. The feedback I received  mainly during the tastings I offered up to now at different markets made me putting more and more focus into this project. 

Btw: I chose the name "GoodMoodFood" for my delicacies because of the naturally high tryptophane content of Cashews which leads to more Serotonin in our brain what has a positive influence on our mood.

My scientific basis of all those projects/experiments are a solid knowledge of Microbiology and organic and anorganic Chemistry (I studied 4 semesters of Geoecology and proceeded from there with nature conservation and organic agriculture). 

So I did and partly still do non-food fermentation, too: Effective Microorganisms/Bokashi/Terra preta; microbiological treatment of greywater from the sink & shower to achieve odourless storability and at the same attempt preparing it for reuse for irrigation in the veggie-garden.